keychain is probably essential to most folks, but it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. the solution? the Keyper slim leather key organizer. instead of hooking up your keys to a ring, the Keyper wants you to keep each key as separates and slot them elegantly, if not uber-stylishly, into four individually stitched key slots. it is like a wallet for your keys, but super slim so as not to be obtrusive and fits seamlessly into almost any pocket. a perfect answer for anyone who hates the sound of keys jingling, and if you have the habit of putting your phone along side your keys in the same pocket, the Keyper will also prevent the keys from messing up your handset’s shiny display. additionally, the Keyper comes with a set of four color-coded leather tabs for attaching to each key, allowing you slide the keys in and out of their slots with ease, and most importantly, these tabs also makes key identification a breeze – but first, you got to start remembering things, like dark brown tab is the front door, the black is the letter box et cetera – well, you get the idea. the Keyper is a project founded by three Singapore designers and is currently on crowdfunding platform INDIE GOGO seeking your support to make this wonderful accessory a reality. all you have to do is to make a pledge of $30 or more, and a Keyper could be yours – of course, that will only come to fruition if the project hits its funding goal of 15 grand. catch a short pledge video below to learn more about Keyper.

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INDIE GOGO via Uncrate

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