This one popped up in our inbox and we are instantly intrigued. What you see here is the BLUFIXX Kit for Low Voltage Cables, a light curing cable repair kit that lets you fix broken cable stealth. We love how Zeljiko, whom emailed us, pointed out that it is “especially for the expensive white ones.” Now, we all know what this is referring to, don’t we?

BLUFIXX Kit for Low Voltage Cables

Granted, there are many white cables, but the defining one, in both ridiculous pricing and the notoriety for easily broken, is none other than Apple’s Lightning cable. But, of course, BLUFIXX Kit for Low Voltage Cables is the fix for other low voltage cables too. Here’s the official description:

“How many times have you thrown away a charging cable just because the cable sheath is broken? In the future, repair your charging leads in a few minutes with the BLUFIXX repair pen for charging cables. The whole thing is almost invisible! The gel comes in the color white, as well as almost all broken charging cables. You can repair more than 100 charging cables with one cartridge!”

BLUFIXX Kit for Low Voltage Cables

Usually I would say that unless you have a bunch of Apple cables, you wouldn’t need this, but BLUFIXX Kit for Low Voltage Cables can fix any low voltage cables and so, it can be used to mend other types of charging cable and even fixes drone and RC stuff.

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It will be a handy tool to be have. Plus, it cost just $14.99. The price itself already beat buying a spanking new cable and that’s the shortest one that we are talking about. You’d saving even more if the broken cable is a 2-meter item. So, now you know. You’re welcome.

BLUFIXX Kit for Low Voltage Cables

BLUFIXX Kit for Low Voltage Cables

All images courtesy of BLUFIXX.

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