what do you do when you need to take your sunglasses off momentarily and still keep your hands free? well, you either push it up and wear it like a hairband, or you use a dedicated cord and let it hang off your neck. now, you can’t do the same with audio earbuds, can you? actually, you can and the iLanyard Earbuds Cord Stay is the accessory that will do the trick. made of colorful parachute chord that goes around the back of your neck, the iLanyard sports anodized aluminum and thermoplastic rubber cord grip on each end that serves two functions: to hold the earbud cord and as a form of weight to keep the cord from bouncing around during rigorous activities like jogging.

iLanyard Earbuds Stay

with the iLanyard, all that’s need to be done is to pop the cord into each rubber grip and you are good to go. so the next time you hit up a coffee shop and need to remove your earbuds for a couple of minutes to make your order, just pop the earbuds out and let them drop, and your hands are now free to reach out into your bag for whatever you need to get – all without the tangle mess that you used to live with. the iLanyard also functions as a simple cord wrap too – just wind the earbud cord around your fingers and tie the iLanyard around the wound cord, and boom. you have one neat package which you can drop into the bag or hang on your key tidy by the door. obviously, the iLanyard is not for every earphones, but it should fit most major brands of earbuds with round cords.

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iLanyard Earbuds Stay

iLanyard is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $8,000 to help bring the product into the market. early backers can pick up one for just $8, though that’s limited to the first 1,000 backers, after which you can still get it for 10 bucks a piece. the iLanyard is a simple, but brilliant idea and it will be a shame if it didn’t get the support it deserves.

iLanyard Earbuds Stay

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