Mini basketball kit, which is basically consist of a basketball installed with a ring and net for practicing your ball skills indoor, but not with these, because they are an entirely different ball game. Dubbed Ascension! Installation, KILLSPENCER takes the previously introduced mini basketball kit several notches up the scale and transformed an otherwise regular sport equipment into a glorious art installation. I am sure the image up there pretty much speaks for themselves, but what it does not tell you is that, it will cost you dearly, or to be exact, it will run you back at a whopping $22,000. And for that amount, you will get a one-of-a-kind collaborative art installation between KILLSPENCER and renewed Los Angeles art collective Cyrcle, consisting of nine of KILLSPENCER’s mini basketball kits, each individually hand-painted by Cyrcle.

Ascension! Installation by KILLSPENCER

From the horse’s mouth: “the concept is rooted in the passion and preserving of athletes and the fans who, like religious disciples, cheer faithfully for the Ascension of their idols.” Well, by idols, we assume it is referring to the sportsmen and sportswomen? Anyways, think you get the idea. Like its lesser, non-art counterpart, the mini basketball kit, these art pieces are made of maple wood, power coated black metal, premium leather, conflict-free 24-karat gold, topped with gold foil skirting, plus some acrylic. We must it looks pretty impressive and if you ever buy it, make sure you don’t put any basketball around cos’ you probably don’t want your too passionate friends, kids or whoever to take at a shot at your 22 grand art installation. We are serious. That’s a lot of money to be used as an actually basketball hoops. Keep going for a couple of detailed look.

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Ascension! Installation by KILLSPENCER

Ascension! Installation by KILLSPENCER

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