Yes. You read that right. Prada is now selling basketball too. However, unlike Tiffany’s, which is co-branded with Spalding, this is Prada’s very own basketball and also, it is probably not for the court. We heard it is more of a display piece and it probably is.

Prada Basketball and Soccer Ball

Like a typical basketball, the Prada Basketball’s skin is covered in pebbles or dots, interjected by the iconic lines. Differentiating the Prada Basketball is the trademark triangle Prada branding as well as a harness carrier made of nylon with a side-release buckle.

TBH, we are not sure if it is playable but at 775 American dollars a pop, you probably don’t want it to be dribbled, let alone get dunked through a hoop.

This luxury basketball from Prada is available now in a choice of black with white lines and red with white lines.

Prada Basketball and Soccer Ball

Oh, you are more of a soccer person? Well, fret not because there is a Saffiano leather soccer ball too.

Like its basketball counterpart, the Prada Saffiano leather soccer ball is imprinted with the famous triangle logo and comes with a nylon carry harness with a side-release buckle. However, unlike the basketball, which is made of rubber material, the soccer ball is of leather.

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If you are down, you can pick up the soccer ball for US$775.

Prada Basketball and Soccer Ball

Images: Prada.

via Airows.

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