These days, anything can be logged as a world record, including basketball free-throwing by an AI basketball robot. Before we get to the story, pro basketball players can rest easy because, Toyota CUE3 AI basketball robot only knows how to aim at the hoop. It is not about to takeover the sport, yet. Though so, it is worthy to note that the second generation CUE has been registered as a player by the Alvark Tokyo professional basketball team in Japan.

Toyota Basketball Free Throw Robot

That’s not a joke, btw. CUE2 is indeed in the player list of the Alvark. CUE was developed by a bunch of Toyota volunteers in their free time as an AI basketball-playing robot that scores 100 percent of its shots. Anywho… long story short, CUE3, the third generation basketball playing AI robot made 2,020 free throws in a row without missing, thus clinching it the Guinness World Records The most consecutive basketball free throws by a humanoid robot (assisted).

So, yeah, it is assisted. Someone has to pass the ball to CUE3. It will be cool if it could bend down and pick up the ball itself. Just saying… Anywho… the feat was made on the May 17, 2019, and it took three hours eighteen minutes for CUE3 to make the 1,000th shot and a grueling six hours thirty-five minutes for it to land its 2,000th consecutive shot.

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CUE3 wrapped up the record with 2020 shots, not because it can’t but due to the time limit. 2020 was decided as a nod to the 2020 Olympics which Japan will be hosting. Go on and have a look at the record in the making in the video embedded below.

Images courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Source: Slashgear.

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