If you are a major fan of Batman, you will want to head down to San Diego Comic-Con because, LEGO will be serving up another SDCC exclusive, LEGO 77903 The Dark Knight of Gotham City. The fact that the 427-piece set is a diorama makes it collector-worthy. The set, which is a part of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes line, features a diorama of Gotham, complete with skyscrapers, a water tower, a gargoyle-decorated building and the Bat signal.

LEGO 77903 The Dark Knight of Gotham City

The set is complete by a Batman minifigure, a dark blue brick-built backdrop and a LEGO Batman 80 years plaque. I find the set look super dope. IMHO, it makes a good display set to show fans’ love for the cape crusader, well, the LEGO version, that is.

As with the LEGO 77902 Captain Marvel and the Asis, the LEGO 77903 The Dark Knight of Gotham City will be available to convention attendees through the San Diego Comic-Con Online Exclusives Portal System and through a sweepstakes system. This means, you will have to fill out a “Submission of interest” and hope that win the right to buy a set.

Images: LEGO.

Source: Twitter (@LEGO_Group)/SDCC Unofficial Blog.

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