And here we are, thinking that skateboard is dead. Not only it is not dead, it is looking rather futuristic. Or was it only the Traqpod? Coming from Spanish urban mobility startup, La Revolta, the Traqpod is unlike any skateboard we have seen. It is not electric. It is possibly the Lamborghini of skateboards.

Traqpod Carving Skateboard Kickstarter

It has a sports car-like design that has has nifty features to match. It features a patented self-balancing truck system and an innovative board shape. Innovative maybe an understatement, but anyways, the trucks’ special leaning mechanism affords you to easily shift your weight back and forth, and turn on a dime – all while you being in control of the speed and trajectory.

The unique concave shape board also helps in easy shifting of weight from left to right and vice versa just by using the heels and toes. Responsive, a word frequently associated with performance car’s handling, is what this board has to offer. The truck also boasts an integrated shock absorption system, providing a smooth ride even across rougher surfaces while minimizing the impacts and shakiness.

The flexible concave board, together with the folding axis, wheel rubber tires, composite parts, shock absorbers and the proprietary spring-based stabilization system result in a maneuverable, sure-footed and comfortable ride.

Last but not the least, it has fold-down axles, making Traqpod easy to carry around when not riding.

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Traqpod really is like an exotic sports car and like an exotic ride, it does not come cheap. If you want one, you are looking at least €309 (about US$337) investment. You can find Traqpod Carving Skateboard on Kickstarter.

All images courtesy of La Revolta.

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