reMarkable 2 Next-generation Paper Tablet

If you are still relying on pen and paper, well, can we just say that it is time to migrant to the future? If you are willing, reMarkable is here to help. The brand’s next-generation paper tablet, reMarkable 2, is here to replace your notebooks, print documents and even doodle book, and man, it is gorgeous.

reMarkable 2 lets you make handwritten notes, read, and review documents, and doing so as if you are reading and writing on traditional paper, but without sacrificing any tree in the process. Even better, you can convert your handwritten notes into to text. Like, who needs to mess with the tactile-less virtual keyboard?

You can also jot down notes directly on documents. Whatever you do in reMarkable 2, they will be automatically sync to the cloud, organized and accessible across various devices. With the new reMarkable, it has up two weeks of battery life and 2x more responsive over its predecessor.

And at 0.19-inch or 4.7 mm, it is not only 30 percent thinner than the first generation paper tablet, but it is also the world’s thinnest tablet. Moreover, the new display technology makes it look and feel even more like actual paper, and this also means, it is more eye-friendly than ever before.

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For a limited time, you can pre-order the reMarkable 2 Next-generation Paper Tablet for $399 – a price that include a free Marker and Folio, and inclusive of shipping. If you want one, I suggest that you not procrastinate.

Images: reMarkable.

Source: Gizmochina.