Audio Research Reference 750 Amplifier

Audio Research Reference 750 AmplifierAudio Research Reference 750 Amplifier | US$tba |

any self-respecting audiophiles would tell you that an amp isn’t really a true amp without tubes and in the case of the Audio Research Reference 750 Amplifier you see here, it has sixteen KT120 vacuum tubes to satisfy even the most demanding amplifier-centric audiophiles. arm with 750 watts of power, the Reference 750 is load and ready to unleash its power into speaker loads of 4, 8 and 16 ohms. it features a massive, custom built power transformer that delivers current from the tubes and regulated with a 6550WE and 6H30 driver. seriously, those specs won’t mean a thing to any layman but what matters is it promise to deliver audio in startling temporal, timbral accuracy and with vivid clarity. aesthetically, its monolithic tower design reminiscent of the Cold War era’s nuclear plant control panel or in a more domestic-term, looks a part out of an electrical control room. its front monochromatic panel sports a pair of analog meters, one for wattage output and bias, and one for incoming AC line voltage. located between the two meters are a set of four-button control for meter brightness adjustment, bias power control and fan speed. on its back, you will find connectivity for a choice of 4, 8 and 16 ohms loads, a tube hour running time display and a 20A IEC power connection. last but not least, a pair of integrated handles, both on the front and back, allow you to move this hefty 77 kg (170 lbs) unit with ease. well, maybe not so much of ease’s ease but you get the idea. pricing and availability to be advised.

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