Craftsman Lighted Diagonal Pliers

Craftsman Lighted Diagonal PliersCraftsman Lighted Diagonal Pliers | US$19.99 |

we don’t like to work in the dark but unfortunately, not every time we have the work environment our way. so there comes a time where we really had to work in low-light condition like nipping and cutting wires in a car’s engine bay. in such situation, you can either grab a flashlight (or torch light), leaving only one hand free to do the work or you can snag yourself the Craftsman Lighted Diagonal Pliers. this pliers feature a patented center hub with a sealed LED module that rotates with the jaws, thereby casting a focused light on the work surface. the LED module is microprocessor-controlled with auto-off feature, and is powered by three watch batteries and is sealed against water, oil and chemical, making it perfect for virtually any type of jobs. you can get yours for just $19.99 a pop. also available in Long Nose and Linesman Pliers, as well as a set. a product intro video follows after the break.

Craftsman via Uncrate

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