if you really take a closer look at today’s gaming headsets, they are pretty much the same in design aspect. unless you are prepared to put on boxy stuff on your sound holes, that fact will remain as fact. in short, there is nothing radical about gaming headsets up till now. but what do you know? the Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Gaming Headset just make the ‘avant-garde’ category in our books by, well, going the ‘boxy’ design route. we can’t vouch for the audio performance, but the looks sure is a killer and if you already gotten yourself the Level 10 PC chassis and the mouse, this would be a nice addition. officially, the specs include a 40mm neodymium magnet in each cup and it offers a 3.5mm gold plug (plated, of course), external inline remote, and an noise-canceling omni-directional microphone.

according to its product video, which you can find below, it will also be offered with USB connector, along with detachable cable, and “bilateral USB connectivity.” beyond that, information remains pretty scant – even with the hands-on by Engadget, there’s little information for us to digest. we guess, Tt eSPORTS just want consumers’ attention on the design which both partners, Tt eSPORTS and BMW DesignworksUSA, are pretty damn proud off. we wouldn’t say it is the prettiest of the prettiest gaming gear, but we could say it is pretty stylish by the look of it. something that would make you stand out from the horde of gamers, if individuality is your poison. the PR text did not specify availability and the price, but we heard that it will be launch sometime between May and June for $150 for the 3.5mm audio jack model and $190 for the USB model. learn more about the Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Gaming Headset HERE. yes. the folks have dedicated a microsite for it.

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