BMW Design x Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse

Level 10 M Mouse
(photos: Thermaltake) BMW Design x Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse | US$tba |

what do BMW and gaming mice have in common? probably nothing, until the Level 10 M Mouse comes along. designed in conjunction between BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA and the maestro of cooling solutions for PC, Thermaltake, the Level 10 M Mouse sports an elegant skeletal design that one might have mistook it to be a mouse from the future. traditional mice hide its livery away from us but the M Mouse does not hold back on what’s under its hood and show off its internal workings in its full glory. the result is one sexy mouse that has a futuristic skeletal design. and the fact that it is a wired mouse also hints that this isn’t your regular office mouse. it is a gaming mouse that will make any pro-gamer proud. seriously, if your M series Beemer ever needs a mouse, the M Mouse would be the mouse of choice. detailed specifications are still pretty scant at this moment but style-conscious gamers will be glad to know that this isn’t a concept product. the Level 10 M mouse will be launched this spring at a price yet to be announced. click on the above image for a larger view.

BMW Group via stupidDOPE

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