Rejoice retro gaming lovers. Your days of scratching your head over which retro video game consoles to hook up to the limited ports available on your modern day flatscreen TV is over – all thanks to this 12-in-1 retro gaming console called, well, Retro Freak, what else? With this seemingly unassuming white box, it will let you play the original cartridges from NES, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Game Boy, NES, SNES, Famicon – just to name a few, that you may have amassed over the decades. Just imagine that! Absolutely a blast for any retro gaming fans.

Retro Freak 12-in-1 Video Game Console

Being a modern day gadget, it also has an SD card slot so you can play emulated games and ripped games to an SD card to be played on the console. Plus, it will upscale the graphics to HD-quality and also give the sound a boost because, 2017. And what’s the point of going retro when you can cheat, right? I mean cheat codes and retro are synonymous with each other. Well, at least it is to me (yes, I am cheater and I am proud!). Anywho, Retro Freak does support the use of cheat codes too. Ahhh… that’s absolutely good’ol days all over again, ain’t it?

Retro Freak 12-in-1 Video Game Console

The console comes with a SNES-like controller, but it does support modern controllers too – thanks to the pair of onboard USB ports. Though we dubbed wireless is in the order, but hey, it is good enough for us because retro has no wireless. You can pick up the in and around Japan for 21,600 Yen and up, or if you are in the U.K., you can pick up from Amazon UK or HERE (we are not affiliated with either, btw) for 169.99 English pounds, or if you are around Asia, you can pick up the premium package from Play-Asia for 302 SGD.

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Retro Freak 12-in-1 Video Game Console

Images: Cyber Gadget/Nintendo Life.

Cyber Gadget via UNILAD Gaming.

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