Bicycle with Custom Spoke-less Wheels

There are reasons why hub-less wheels did not catch on and why spokes are still widely used. Spokes in two-wheelers like bicycles and motorcycles also serve to absorb some form of shock.

But in the world of fascination, there’s no harm ditching the spokes, right? Well, ditching the spokes was what YouTube tinkerer The Q did in his latest project.

Bicycle with Custom Spoke-less Wheels

After making a bicycle “walk”, The Q decided it is time for “invisible wheels.” Wonder Woman will probably love that.

But anyways, what The Q did was removed the spokes and replace them with a fairly thick PVC glass. The result is, as you can see, pretty impressive. Lets not question the practicality of these so-called “invisible wheel” and appreciate how cool it is. Video after the break.

Images: YouTube (The Q).