Do you like to drink in street wear style? If so, then the new drinkware from A Bathing Ape, aka BAPE, is going get your all pumped.

Featuring the Japanese label’s signature BAPE camo pattern are two drinkware: ABC Camouflage Tumbler and 1st Camo College Print Glass.

Each drinkware also sports large print of the trademark ape head and the branding in large bold letters.

The tumbler is just 450 ml (15.2 fl. oz.) and the hand wash-only drinking glass measures 12.6 cm in height and 6.5 cm in diameter (about 5 inches and 2.6 inches).

he BAPE Drinking Glasses and Tumbler are part of the brand’s growing line of homeware essentials and they, being A Bathing Ape product, are premium stuff.

The ABC Camouflage Tumbler, which is available in three colorways (blue, green, and pink) sells for 55 bucks while the 1st Camo College Print Glass (available in green and desert) goes for 40 dollars.

You can find both items over at Last checked, the tumbler is still available, but the drinking glass appears to be sold out.

Images: A Bathing Ape.

Source: Hypebeast [1], [2].

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