Moon by I-Ring Levitating Security Camera

Magnetic levitation is not the hottest technology, but it never stop this technology being applied to a variety of products outside of mass transportation system. We have seen more than a handful here, including the likes of toys, desk lamp, turntable, wireless charger, wireless speaker, furniture, and even keyboard and a drinking cup – just to pick out a few, and now, apparently, home security camera has joined the growing list of things-that-levitates too. So folks, please meet Moon by I-Ring, the world’s first levitating security camera.

Moon by I-Ring Levitating Security Camera

I-Ring claims that Moon has stabilized levitation for 360 degrees vision, promising to levitates smoothly and without noise, and it is, of course, remote controllable. It is also touted as perfect device for video and conference calls, capable of automatically rotating towards the active speaker and it comes outfitted with HQ speaker for two-way communication, bolstered by noise cancellation technology.

Moon by I-Ring Levitating Security Camera

Other features you can expect from this sci-fi-ish security camera includes integrated IR blaster, Bluetooth technology, night vision capability, enterprise-grade encryption, behavior-based learning, sound direction detection, presence simulation, ability to remotely control legacy appliances, integrated Zwave Plus, Zigbee 3.0 and Bluetooth Smart, and finally, it is loaded with temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 sensors.

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In other words, Moon can do what many top end security cameras promised to do, such as smart event detection (with the addition of automatic rotation), smart alert and notifications, smart voice recognition et cetera, and therefore, in addition to a home security camera, it can also serve as a baby monitor, a pet monitor and more, and it will do so looking darn futuristic.

Moon by I-Ring Levitating Security Camera is not available yet, but if you are down for it, you can sign up to be notified of its availability. That being said, pricing is unknown at this point too. Skip ahead to catch the product intro video.

Images I-Ring.