What you see here is the real-life self-drying jacket as depicted in the sci-fi flick Back to the Future II. In fact, this isn’t the first. Created by Falyon Wearable Tech, the SDJ-02 Self-drying Jacket is, as denoted by the jacket’s model name, the second version. The first was introduced just in time for when the future was supposed to be, in 2015. It had a bit of success on Kickstarter back then and Falyon has yet again taken to Kickstarter in order to get it mass produced. However, this time, the improved self-drying jacket has a little better reception.

SDJ-02 Self-drying Jacket by Falyon Wearable Tech

At the time of this writing, it already have 89 backers subscribed to it, rolling in nearly $20,000 in pledges so far. In addition to looking a little more like Marty McFly’s jacket of the future, it touts quite a few improvements over its predecessor and these includes climate control that heats or cool the jacket, USB port for charging your mobile devices, retro-style buttons that actually lights up, and larger pockets to accommodate larger devices like tablets or even sports almanacs – if you have those instead of the digital copy.

SDJ-02 Self-drying Jacket by Falyon Wearable Tech
Retro-style light up buttons to trigger drying/cooling and heating.

As a jacket, Falyon said the SDF-02 has a cleaner, streamlined look that is thinner, lighter and quieter when blow drying itself. Speaking of which, blow-drying is enabled by a pair of fans located at the lower section of the jacket that pulls air through the bottom sides, into the jacket and purge it from the collar. Heating is offered by heating pads within the jacket’s lining while cooling is achieved through the same fans that dries the outerwear. The jacket is powered by a removable 6,000 mAh battery which you can also use to recharge your portable gadgets.

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SDJ-02 Self-drying Jacket by Falyon Wearable Tech
Removable 6,000 mAh that powers the air amplifiers and heating pads can also be used to recharge your gadgets.

You can say SDJ-02 Self-drying Jacket is indeed a Back to the Future II tech come true. Though it still lacks auto size adjustment to fit any body size and also, it won’t automatically dries like one in the movie did. But baby steps, my friend. I am sure a true Back to the Future II self-drying, self-fitting jacket is not far off.

SDJ-02 Self-drying Jacket is available through Kickstarter in a choice of metallic silver, charcoal black and a special edition which looks similar to Marty’s. Price aspect, you are looking at $169-179 a pop. Keep going for the product pitch video.

SDJ-02 Self-drying Jacket by Falyon Wearable Tech
A look at the front and back of SDF-02 Self-drying Jacket by Falyon.

Images courtesy of Falyon Wearable Tech.

Falyon Wearable Tech via Business Insider.

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