If you find fancy dial face makes time reading difficult, then perhaps a timepiece with a black dial face is for you. But not just any watch with a black dial face. It had to be the Chronotechna – the blackest watch ever made. To achieve the title of blackest watch ever made, Chronotechna sports a dial face with super black coating that is so black that it absorbs 99.9 percent of light.

Chronotechna Blackest Watch Ever Made

Known as the darkest man-made substance, this impossibly black substance was originally developed for satellite-borne blackbody calibration systems that reflects so little light that it is possibly the closest thing to a black hole a person will ever see. So I guess that would equates to having a black hole on your wrist? Maybe?

Chronotechna Blackest Watch Ever Made

Though it is worthy to note that the maker did not disclose what this so-called blackest substance is. I am wondering if it could be the VantaBlack, or Black 2.0? Or maybe not since NASA could not have use those because, according to Chronotechna, space agency NASA also uses the same coating.

Chronotechna Blackest Watch Ever Made

Powered by Swiss Automatic Self-winding movement from Sellita, Chronotechna is a beautifully minimalist watch that also boasts 38 hours of power reserve, marine-grade 216L steel, dome “sapphire-coated” crystal, sapphire crystal case back, Grade X1 Superluminova coated hands and indices, quick release band system, and finally wrapping up with Italian handmade leather.

Chronotechna Blackest Watch Ever Made

Chronotechna Blackest Watch Ever Made is available through Kickstarter in a choice of brushed and polished steel case or black DLC case. Having the claim of blackest watch ever made has its draw. The campaign swiftly met its funding goal of 19,000 euro (US$21K-ish) in mere 10 minutes and at the time of this writing, it has 670 backers contributing over 280,000 euro (over US$320,000).

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If you desire, you can pre-order the blackest watch ever made within the next 17 days. As for the price, you are looking at €399-589 (about US$486-667), depending on how soon you act on it and the perks you have chosen.

All images courtesy of Chronotechna.

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