having LEGO compatible studs on your iPhone case is not the newest new but having an official collaboration between an established iDevice accessories maker, Belkin and Danish toy company, LEGO certainly is and very much welcomed. the result is obvious: the Belkin x LEGO iPhone and iPod cases. there’s a reason why we keep changing cases (hint: refreshment) and having one with LEGO studs lets you customize your phone to your heart’s content, thus allowing your to keep the case refreshed always without actually switching it out. throw in some LEGO Technic parts (wheels, motors and stuff) and you can build a dolly attached case for your lovely iPhone or iPod. that certainly sounds awesome to us and besides, having LEGO officially in the business means, the studs will be of the exact size as it should, so all your LEGO spare bricks and parts should fit the case beautifully. according to Belkin, they have secured a multi-year licensing partnership with The LEGO Group, so expect to see more fun LEGO-based gadget accessories available to other platforms in future. at this point pricing is unknown but we should be hearing from Belkin closer to the Belkin x LEGO iPhone and iPod cases launch date this Spring. in the meantime, do take some time to check out renders of the cases in the gallery below.

via Gizmodo

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