the straight, clean lines of iPhone 5 is fine by most but if you prefer something more organic and with an ergonomic touch, then you might want to consider dressing up your 5 with the DRACO 5 iPhone 5 Aluminum Bumper. available in six colorways, the DRACO 5 iPhone 5 Aluminum Bumper is crafted aircraft-grade aluminum with precision 5 axis CNC process and sports DRACO Design’s signature curve line for the an ergonomic form that promotes comfortable grip in your palm, while looking ridiculously beautiful at the same time. this is yet another prime example of the perfect marriage between form and functionality. most of the time we refrain from shouting it out so blatantly like we are being paid (we are not) to do so but let us assure you that this is not the case. the DRACO 5 iPhone 5 Aluminum Bumper is specially engineered to minimize radio interference and it offers full access to all buttons and ports of your iDevice, while its aluminum frame and quality shock absorbing silicon pads protects the phone from the daily bumps and knocks. designed in Japan and made in Taiwan, the DRACO 5 iPhone 5 Bumper does not come cheap: expect to shell out a good $89.99 for one of this beauty. more look after the break.

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