Piston Pens and V8 Engine Block Pen Holder

Writing with actual pen and paper is a rarity today. If you still do so and you are a major petrolhead, then here are two must-have stationeries to show your love for the good’ol ICE.

Piston Pens

The first is called Piston Pens. Piston Pens is, as the name implies, a pen that mimics the look of an engine piston – in anodized aluminum no less and complete with the grooves for respective rings and a hole for the piston pin (wrist pin).

Obviously, only part of the pen mimics an engine piston because a piston is pretty short. But that’s not to say the rest of the body is not cool. It is, featuring a 100% Real 2/2 twill 3K carbon fiber tube before finishing off with an aluminum anodized tip.

Piston Pens

The Piston Pens is designed and made in the U.K. and it is available as a single pen, a set of pens, or with a matching machined V-engine block pen holder. The V-engine block is available in a choice of V8, V10, or V12.

The Piston Pens was a successfully funded Kickstarter project. It’s OK if you missed it because you can pre-order it on its website, Pistonpens.com. However, it is not cheap, with each pen costing 38 quids (around US$50) and the V engine block set selling for 160 pounds and up (about US$210+).

Piston Pens

Plus, it will be quite a wait – up to 6 months, we heard – because Piston Pens is still fulfilling its Kickstarter orders. If you don’t mind not having engine piston-style pens, there is an alternative – a better one, IMHO, because it has a lot more detail as far as the V8 engine goes. Details the nooks and crannies, the water jacket holes, and whatnot.

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The CNC Machined V8 Engine Block Pen Holder, as it is called, is from another U.K. maker, GtscientificLLC. It also had a successful campaign on Kickstarter which ended recently.

V8 Engine Block Pen Holder

Again, it’s alright if you missed the campaign because you can still pre-order it from its store on Etsy. It does not come cheap, however. Expect to shell out US$129 and also, expect quite a wait for it to ship too. Last heard shipping will only happen in June 2022 if you order now.

Images: Mechatron CNC/Etsy (GtscientificLLC).