Most people don’t care much about the stationery they use. This group of users would find if it is functional, it is probably good. But for users who demand both form and function even from mundane objects like stationery, HMM Clever Work is here to help.

HMM Clever Work Stylish Stationery Kickstarter

The HMM Clever Work Set is a stationery collection that is minimal, functional, and very, very stylish. The stationery collection is designed to elevate the workspace. The collection features a versatile utility knife, a pair of scissors, a ballpoint pen, a pencil, a magnetic cable cube, and a paperweight that also can double as a pen holder.

It is very hard to describe how nice and stylish each piece of stationery looks. So we invite you to have a look at the HMM Clever Work collection in the video below.

And if you sold by what it has to offer, you can pick up the item individually, or as a set. But be warned. It is going to cost. Not going to lie. Whether it is an item or a set, the HMM Clever Work is expensive as far as stationery goes. But if style weighs a lot in your life, it’d be worth it.

HMM Clever Work Stylish Stationery Kickstarter

You can learn more and also pre-order the HMM Clever Work on Kickstarter. Prices start at CA$44 (about US$34) for individual items. The sets start at CA$119 or more (US$91) and can run up to as much as CA$245 (around US$187) for the full set.

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The campaign has already reached its funding goal and therefore, a pledge for a product is a pre-order which, if all goes as planned, should see delivery sometime in November 2023.

HMM Clever Work Stylish Stationery Kickstarter

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Images: HMM Project.

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