depending on the community you are in, a booze container could be mean you are a helpless addict or a stylish connoisseur of hard alcohol. like it or not, it is a fact. if you prefer to be known as the former, then there is nothing more we could do, but if the latter is right up your alley, then perhaps, you shouldn’t go around sipping those adult beverages without one of these: the HIPP GR1 Titanium Flask. from its unusual and contemporary form, you can tell it ain’t your run-of-the-mill flask; most certainly not one of those that would put you under the alcoholism band and instead of regular metal or stainless steel, it is crafted entirely from food grade GR1 titanium, which result in a lightweight flask that’s non-allergenic to most people, won’t introduce odd odor to your favorite drink, and most importantly, it is anti-corrosive so you can fill it up with the most potent adult beverage known to man and never had to worry it will hurt the flask.

it come standard with non-slip silicon sleeve in a choice of cheerful hues, and this sleeve also act as a handy holder for a credit card, essential when you hit the liquor store for your regular refilling. for the adventure seekers, there is an optional looped neoprene jacket to protect your treasured flask and titanium hook for keeping the titanium flask close to you when you out in the wild. available now through the product’s Kickstarter campaign in two capacities, a 4oz and a 6oz flask, for $60 and up (about US$96 and up). check out a product video below to learn more.

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HIPP GR1 Titanium Flask - alt image

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