Flight jacket used to be a military pilot thing until (probably) Tom Cruise made it a fashion icon in the movie Top Gun. If you look back at this pop culture outwear, you will probably find it a little dated and you’d only wear it when attending a 80s party, but not unless you are sporting the 2016 iteration interpreted by Venice Beach-based COLDSMOKE. Unlike the classic, the COLDSMOKE MA-1 Flight Jacket is a lot less ‘puffy’ and a tad body fitting – thanks to the emphasis on fit and overall tailoring which sees the outerwear receiving a slimmer cut, replacing the bulky arm pocket with a streamlined water repellent zippered opening suitable for media devices and ditching the traditional elastic bottom for tailored hem that offers the jacket a shirt-like feel.

COLDSMOKE Classic MA-1 Flight Jacket

While so (i.e. a shirt-like feel), please do not tuck it in cos’ that will be really awful. Really. Meanwhile, the familiar elastic cuffs and the dyed shawl collar designs are retained, staying true to the original flight jacket look. And then there’s the use of modern materials, including Japanese-made water repellent flight cloth for the outer shell that keeps you nice and dry in the event of a light shower and a Polartec Alpha insulation to keep you warm. Judging from the product images, the hem design turns out to be an awesome move which lends a sense of sophistication to the jacket without feeling overly gung-ho, if you know what I mean.

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COLDSMOKE Classic MA-1 Flight Jacket

In other words, it looks cool and not over doing it, which is kind of important in our books as we place style and humility firsts, and we certainly prefer not be Iceman or Maverick kind of brash cool. If you fancy COLDSMOKE’s modern interpretation of the good’ol flight jacket, then you can pick one up over at COLDSMOKE web store in Asphalt, Mil-spec Olive, or Navy, for $339.

COLDSMOKE Classic MA-1 Flight Jacket

COLDSMOKE Classic MA-1 Flight Jacket

Images courtesy of COLDSMOKE.

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