SanDisk 1TB SDXC Card Prototype

I am sure most photographers have been annoyed by the need to swap out memory card in the middle of shoot due to memory full. The good news is, this annoyance could finally come to an end – thanks to the unveiling of a whopping 1TB SDXC Card Prototype by SanDisk at this year’s Photokina. Oh. If you don’t already know. SanDisk is now part of Western Digital. The acquisition of the memory card maker by Western Digital Technologies, Inc. was officially completed in May 2016 and it also marks WD’s reaches into a domain previously untapped by the storage solutions provider. So, you could say, WD is now finally complete as far as storage goes.

Anyways, back to the card. The groundbreaking 1TB SDXC card is, for now, a prototype and so, understandably, it won’t be available anytime soon. And also, SanDisk isn’t a stranger in unveiling crazy capacities memory card, having unveiled a 200GB microSD last year and the year before, a prototype 512GB SDXC card in the previous year. The benefit from a 1TB SDXC card is obvious; it allows more to be stored and less card swapping. It will be interesting though to see what speeds it has to offer. Seriously, it will be pointless if it is not up to speed as data transfer and write could the next annoyances photographers will experience.

In any case, the 1TB is a show what the future has install for us. That being said, it is still too early to know when it will be available to everyday storage-hungry users, or how much it will cost. Speaking of cost, we have no doubt it will come with a hefty sticker reserved only for the professionals. Regardless, you now know it is coming and like every tech before it, it will become a norm sooner or later and hopefully, becomes a whole lot more wallet-friendly.

Image: SanDisk.

via DP Review