keeping your head intact with a helmet during riding is a no brainer. you don’t need laws to ask you to do so. don’t believe? just play GTA 5 to get a feel of the consequence of not wearing a helmet. and since it is one of those ‘necessary evil’, why not look good while doing it? better still, why not get one that’s wind tunnel tested and refined? and those are precisely what the Variant Ghost Carbon Motorcycle Helmet has to offer. looking like a helmet taken right from the pages of Halo, Variant Ghost Carbon sports an outer shell constructed from a combination of fiberglass and dyneema, bolstered by hand-laid carbon fiber with Rubatone tactile coating that lends the helmet the look cool factor and strength, while keeping the weight down.

Variant Ghost Carbon Motorcycle Helmet

it has a long oval headform design and boasts a long list of advanced designs – all in the name of keeping your head safe and comfortable while doing so. on the front, it has an anti-lift visor to reduce glare and an optically correct tinted face shield with fog-free coating. a molded EPS nose also helps to cut shield fogging and promote wear comfort. moving through to the back is a series of ‘supervents’ to keep your head cool, while a curved rear spoiler is incorporated to reduce buffeting and lift. on the inside, it boasts dual density EPS liner for impact absorption and a removable moisture-wicking hydra-dry lining that not only keeps you dryer, but also cooler by reducing heat buildup.

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Variant Ghost Carbon motorcycle helmet looks as futuristic as it sounds, but all these features come with a hefty price tag of $520. not anywhere close to affordable, but then again, you can’t really put a price to your head, can you? though purists might beg to differ.

Variant Ghost Carbon Motorcycle Helmet

Icon Motorsports via Wired

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