Skizee is a track vehicle that pushes skier around

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if you are an avid skier and don’t have the luxury of snowy mountains to make a downhill run, there’s this little single track machine called Skizee that can push you around the snow with its 10.5-hp, 4-stroke engine. at glance, it look almost like the British Mark I tank but of course, it isn’t. the Skizee is part snow mobile, part human skier and it has a foldable control bar that let skier controls it. constructed out of light aluminum, the Skivee comes complete with electric start and braking control.
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of course, skiers still can push themselves around a flat snow plains using the good old skis and poles combo but the Skizee provides a new motorized fun without wearing the skier out. strangely, the skier will be at front of the machine, so what happens if the skier trips? i hope there’s some form of tethered safety cut-off switch in place like the Mattracks‘. i can’t help but to notice the skier might need to have short rear for the skis, to prevent the track from eating up the skis. obviously, you don’t expect to perform any tricks on the Skizee like the Mattracks do.

the Skizee could be ideal machine for aspiring new skier to have a feel of skiing without the worry of balancing. who knows? it might just spawn a new breed of snow racing too. Skizee Grand Prix, anyone? however, getting the luxury of being pushed around ain’t going to be cheap, a set of the Skizee will cost a cool $2,500. wow.

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