BionX SeaScape 12

BionX SeaScape 12
BionX SeaScape 12 | US$6,000.00 |

have you tried pedal boats? they are actually quite fun and provides a good form of exercise similar to that of cycling, that is, until you ran out of puff and find yourself stuck in the middle of a vast lake with legs still trembling from the pedaling ordeal endured earlier. at this point, you probably wish you are pedaling the BionX SeaScape 12, an electrically-assisted pedal boat, instead. using its know-how on proportional power assist technology used in pedal-assist bicycles, BionX applied the same technology to pedal boat and thus, turning this leisure watercraft into a human/electric hybrid.

the SeaScape 12 can cruise leisurely at a speed up to 3 knots (5.4 km/h or 3.4 mph) by using human-only pedal power or up to 4.5 knots (8.1 km/h or 5 mph) with the help of its proportional electric assist, which is a 250W electric motor powered by a pair of 12V 30 Ah marine batteries. the batteries take 3 hours to reach full charge, after which they can offer up to 5 hours of electric assist duty. the boat has a catamaran design and is able to accommodate two passengers seated side-by-side, plus two children up front. other features include Front Modular Insert that can accommodate lightweight cooler, storage box, or other accessories, propeller transom system for lifting or lowering of the drive propeller to suit the water depth, variable assist propulsion, decoupled pedal system that allows each passenger to pedal independently, removable multi-function console with onboard computer, and a plug-in charging system.

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the BionX SeaScape 12 has a list price of $6,000 and that’s only for the boat. trailer and truck for hauling it to your local lake or beach front are not included. obviously.

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