What has DC Comics’ “fastest man on Earth”, The Flash, has to do with MINI Electric? My guess is, both of them are electric? Wait. The Flash is kind of electric, right? OK. Probably not. Anywho, regardless of the connection or the lack there of, MINI had offered up one MINI Electric to celebrate the superhero’s 80th anniversary.

MINI Electric “The Flash” Lucca Changes 2020

A MINI electric became a canvas of Carmine di Giandomenico, the Italian comics artist who was responsible for 34 issues of The Flash. Carmine lent his artistic touches on the car, turning the MINI Electric into an awesome The Flash-themed ride. I am not a huge fan of the scarlet sprinter, but man, the man has done a fantastic job.

The graphics featured on the MINI Electric is a reinterpretation of issue #123 (Flash of Two Worlds) cover art drawn by Silver Age of Comics Books’ comics artist and editor, Carmine Michael Infantino.

MINI Electric “The Flash” Lucca Changes 2020

For those don’t know, issue #123 is where two lightning fast superheroes, the classic version in which Jay Garrick was the The Flash started in 1940 and the modern version with Barry Allen’s as the The Flash, from two eras met.

On the right of the car is the modern The Flash while the left is Jay Garrick’s version. The vehicle is completely engulfed in lightning, with the Central City as the background. Finally, a large, prominent emblem of the DC Comics superhero can found on the hood.

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In case you haven’t get it. The images you see on the MINI Electric are not decals; they were hand-painted by the comics artist, Carmine di Giandomenico, himself. Absolutely gorgeous.

Well, at least it is on photos. Perhaps folks who were at the Lucca Changes 2020, a new edition of the international fair dedicated to comics, gaming, animation and fantasy from October 29 to November 01, would know better. Oh, wait. It was a virtual event? Hmmm… Anyhoo, skip ahead for a time-lapse video of the man working the magic.

All images courtesy of BMW Group.

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