The season of buying is upon us again. Hopefully, Mark Rober’s Glitter Bomb Trap did served to warn porch pirates to not to steal other people’s packages. But you know what? The surefire way to safeguard your packages could be the Yale Smart Delivery Box.

Yale Smart Delivery Box for Home

Yale Smart Delivery Box works with Yale Access and August Home apps, and it is available in two styles: Brighton and Kent. The box connects to your home’s WiFi network, via a Connect adapter, for smart home integration.

With it, you will never miss a delivery and you will have peace of mind knowing that your packages are secured in the box. Yale said Smart Delivery Box works with all delivery carriers. Moreover, it will protect packages from the weather, and to top that off, you will be informed, via a smartphone app, of the arrival of the package.

To cut long story short, Yale Smart Delivery Box is a secured box for the delivery persons to drop the packages, so they are not out in the open for porch pirates’ taking. And given the unfortunate circumstance we are in now, it is also the perfect solution for contactless delivery. There’s an optional keypad for unlocking the box without using the app.

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I know what you are thinking. Can’t the perpetrators steal the entire box? Well, about that… they probably won’t because of the size of the box. However, Yale did suggest tethering it to your home or weighing it down with sand for added security. For a paranoia person, you bet your ass I would do both.

Yale Smart Delivery Box for Home

Yale Smart Delivery Box is available now, with a starting price of US$229.99. I think this is a must-have for serial online shoppers. If you are interested, you may learn more about Yale Smart Delivery Box HERE.

Images: Yale [US].

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