This Transformable Speedboat Is Four Types Of Boats Rolled Into One

Boat is not quite favored by Transformers (though throughout history, they did have a few including a sub), but in this real world of ours, there is a transformable boat. Thankfully, this “transformers” is not an alien robot and does not have a mind of its own. From Austrian boat maker KORMARAN, KORMARAN K7 First […]

This Green Lamborghini Aventador Comes With A Matching Speedboat

An aircraft can go anywhere, but you can’t say the same for a car – even for an exotic, super fast car like the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster. However, that’s only partially true if we are talking about the “run-of-the-mill” Aventador, not if you have the so-called Lamborghini Lovers “Ultimate SV Package,” currently on sale […]

Earthrace’s New Conservation Vessel Is Part Frigate, Part Batboat

Earthrace is a conservation outfit that has been going around the world to stop illegal fishing, hunting and wildlife trading, and it uses a boat, trimaran boat aptly called Earthrace, as its base of operations since 2006. But the original vessel is outdated and besides, an unfortunate crash with a Japanese whaling ship back in […]

HeliCat 22 Helicopter-inspired Catamaran

is it a boat? is it a helicopter? or is it a seaplane? well, it is actually a watercraft, or a catamaran to be exact. we were as dumbfounded as you might have when we first saw this contraption. in fact, we were pretty excited first when we thought it could actually take off and fly. alas, it…

WoKart Personal Watercraft

however agile your watercraft might be, it can never stack up to the agility of the land-going go-kart, well, that is until now. meet the WoKart Personal Watercraft, the boat that will give you the speed and agility of a go-kart (hence, the ‘kart’ in its namesake) on the open water. described as an asymmetric catamaran, the WoKart is powered by a 70 hp

MS Turanor PlanetSolar Boat

even after over two years after its launch, the MS Turanor PlanetSolar Boat is still worthy of being feature here. especially after it has made a historical 19-month trip, circumnavigating the world’s water with just only solar power. more recently, the Swiss catamaran sets sail with a scientific purpose; to collect data along the Gulf Stream under the project dubbed