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This Transformable Speedboat Is Four Types Of Boats Rolled Into One

Boat is not quite favored by Transformers (though throughout history, they did have a few including a sub), but in this real world of ours, there is a transformable boat. Thankfully, this “transformers” is not an alien robot and does not have a mind of its own. From Austrian boat maker KORMARAN, KORMARAN K7 First Edition is a luxury seafaring vessel that is also a catamaran, a trimaran, a monohull speedboat, and a hydrofoil. I know. It does sound a little sci-fi-ish with so many boat types rolled into one futuristic watercraft. But as it turns out, this is no science fiction. Continue reading This Transformable Speedboat Is Four Types Of Boats Rolled Into One

This Green Lamborghini Aventador Comes With A Matching Speedboat

An aircraft can go anywhere, but you can’t say the same for a car – even for an exotic, super fast car like the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster. However, that’s only partially true if we are talking about the “run-of-the-mill” Aventador, not if you have the so-called Lamborghini Lovers “Ultimate SV Package,” currently on sale on James Edition. With the Lamborghini Lovers “Ultimate SV Package,” you’d be bagging yourself a highly customized 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster that only has 700 miles (1,127 kilometers) on the clock and in special order color of Verde Singh, but you will also be scoring a matching color and coordinated trim 2017 Marine Technologies “Mei” 52’ G6 speedboat, so your need for speed can continue even when the land ends. Continue reading This Green Lamborghini Aventador Comes With A Matching Speedboat

Earthrace’s New Conservation Vessel Is Part Frigate, Part Batboat

Earthrace is a conservation outfit that has been going around the world to stop illegal fishing, hunting and wildlife trading, and it uses a boat, trimaran boat aptly called Earthrace, as its base of operations since 2006. But the original vessel is outdated and besides, an unfortunate crash with a Japanese whaling ship back in 2010 leaves them with vessel. So, in order to keep doing what they do best, they need a new and updated ship and this is where Earthrace-2 Conservation Vessel comes in. Hearing the word ‘vessel’ may bring about the impression of it being a research vessel lookalike, however, as you can see, the Earthrace-2 Conservation Vessel is anything but. Continue reading Earthrace’s New Conservation Vessel Is Part Frigate, Part Batboat

HeliCat 22 Helicopter-inspired Catamaran

is it a boat? is it a helicopter? or is it a seaplane? well, it is actually a watercraft, or a catamaran to be exact. we were as dumbfounded as you might have when we first saw this contraption. correction. it should be: we were pretty excited first when we thought it could actually take off and fly. alas, it couldn’t but still it presents as a novel watercraft for those who thinks $74.9K is a drop in the ocean. this unusual catamaran was a creation by Washington-based, very aptly named firm, HeliCat and this particular model you see here is the 22, a 22-ft long example (or 21.5 feet to be precise). unlike traditional catamaran, the HeliCat adopts a helicopter-style upper which, when equipped with the optional vinyl side doors, prevents water from collecting on the craft. Continue reading HeliCat 22 Helicopter-inspired Catamaran

WoKart Personal Watercraft

however agile your watercraft might be, it can never stack up to the agility of the land-going go-kart, well, that is until now. meet the WoKart Personal Watercraft, the boat that will give you the speed and agility of a go-kart (hence, the ‘kart’ in its namesake) on the open water. described as an asymmetric catamaran, the WoKart is powered by a 70 hp outboard motor that provides it with the grunt to cut across the water at an impressive 40 knots or 75 km/h in land speed. what makes the WoKart stands out from the horde of personal watercrafts lies in the design, which was meticulously calculated and balanced, thereby enabling it to achieve superb agility such as making an instant 90 degrees turn at high speed. Continue reading WoKart Personal Watercraft

MS Turanor PlanetSolar Boat

even after over two years after its launch, the MS Turanor PlanetSolar Boat is still worthy of being feature here. especially after it has made a historical 19-month trip, circumnavigating the world’s water with just only solar power. more recently, the Swiss catamaran sets sail with a scientific purpose; to collect data along the Gulf Stream under the project dubbed as The DeepWater Expedition. crowned as the largest solar-powered watercraft, it has 516 square-meter of photovoltaic panel all lined up on the surface of the boat, converting the sun energy to feed its 8.5 tons of lithium-ion batteries that powers its 120kW electric motor and enabling it to cruise on the open water at a modest pace of 5 knots (average). the boat kicked off its leg from Miami, after which it made a friendly drop at New York which will followed by a few port of calls in Boston, Canada, Iceland, before finally, completing the trip in Norway. Continue reading MS Turanor PlanetSolar Boat

BionX SeaScape 12

BionX SeaScape 12
BionX SeaScape 12 | US$6,000.00 | www.bionxinternational.com

have you tried pedal boats? they are actually quite fun and provides a good form of exercise similar to that of cycling, that is, until you ran out of puff and find yourself stuck in the middle of a vast lake with legs still trembling from the pedaling ordeal endured earlier. at this point, you probably wish you are pedaling the BionX SeaScape 12, an electrically-assisted pedal boat, instead. using its know-how on proportional power assist technology used in pedal-assist bicycles, BionX applied the same technology to pedal boat and thus, turning this leisure watercraft into a human/electric hybrid. Continue reading BionX SeaScape 12

Nissan-built catamaran to set sail on Danish ocean

Nissan Catamaran 544x788px
(credit: Nissan)

yup, you did not hear wrongly. Nissan Design America has designed a Class A catamaran, i.e. a one-man operation catamaran, that is destined to compete in the 2011 Class A Catamaran (A-Cat) World Championship from the August 13 to 20 in Skødstrup, Denmark. incidentally, the man that will be at the helm is also the design-lead for this Nissan Catamaran project and that man is Matt Struble, the 2009 Ice Boating World Champion and current holder of the A-Cat U.S. Champion. Matt is currently the Model Realization Lead for Nissan and Infiniti products. the catamaran’s composite structure was designed and built entirely in-house, and it proves that Nissan is equally capable in designing sea flaring vehicles. the Nissan catamaran is the latest non-auto design and development project by San Diego-based Nissan Design America. Continue reading Nissan-built catamaran to set sail on Danish ocean

Submerge is a catamaran, a submarine and a floating home

Alex Marzo Submerge concept catamaran - Antartica 544px
(image credit: Alex Marzo)

modern days, future included, will likely sees us multi-tasking even more. more are expected of us, in both work and leisure. having said that, we also expects the things we use to be able to multi-tasks or exhibit multi-functionability. the concept 150-feet catamaran featured here, dubbed Submerge, embodies the multi-functions quality with its three-modes in one craft design. Continue reading Submerge is a catamaran, a submarine and a floating home