Marrying speed and stability with luxury is the new Sunreef 55 Ultima Catamaran Yacht. It leverages the catamaran’s width and dual hulls to cuts through the water with greater efficiency while remaining smooth and steady which makes it perfect for a yacht.

Sunreef 55 Ultima Catamaran Yacht

The beauty of this design is that the Sunreef 55 Ultima does not look like a traditional catamaran. The sleek, minimalist, and futuristic hull will turn heads as the hybrid propulsion pushes it across the open waters. However, what powers it is unclear.

The product is, well, as minimalistic as the boat itself. However, from the few words on it, we learned that the yacht features a walkaround deck, a vast semi-open saloon, and it has a spacious aft with two fold-down bulwark platforms that expand the real estate of the aft for a bunch of activities.

Sunreef 55 Ultima Catamaran Yacht

Meanwhile, below the deck, there is the master cabin with an attached bath, a main guest cabin with a shared attached bath with the guest/crew cabin, and further aft, beyond the engine room, is an area with plenty of storage.

If you are interested in sailing away in one, you may touch base with Sunreef Yachts to discuss your dream layout for the Sunreef 55 Ultima Catamaran Yacht.

Sunreef 55 Ultima Catamaran Yacht
Sunreef 55 Ultima Catamaran Yacht

Images: Sunreef Yachts.

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