If you are a regular person on weekdays and an adventure-hungry person on weekends, you are gonna love the Splach-Transformer. It is not a Hasbro licensed product – much less has anything to do with its pop culture property. But it is perhaps the most exciting scooter we have seen in recent times after The Dark Knight-worthy Stator.

Splach-Transformer 960W Motorbike-like Scooter

The Splach-Transformer 960W is a motorbike-like scooter. Unlike regular standup electric scooter which has a skateboard-like deck, the Splach-Transformer has a dirt bike-style body – a miniature one, that is – with a set of footpegs for standing.

Using the included stems, you can transform it between a regular scooter or a miniature electric dirt bike, complete with a proper saddle. It is as unconventional as any scooter can get.

Splach-Transformer 960W Motorbike-like Scooter

Powered by a patented proprietary motor that peaks out at 960 watts and paired to a swappable 48v 10.2 aH battery, Splach-Transformer can rockets from 0-24 mph (38 km/h) in just 4-6 seconds, has a range of 22-25 miles (35-40 kilometers) per charge, and powerful enough to take on hills with 28 percent inclination.

Other features a solid steel truss design frame, a dual-suspension setup with a hydraulic front suspension system, a low center of gravity (CG), dual wave disc brakes, 10 x 2.5” pneumatic fat tires, customizable look, IPX4 waterproof, safe wiring, lights with color temperature and brightness that conforms to German STVZO safety standards, and patented easy-swap tires that lets you switch between road bike tires and off-roading tires with ease.

Splach-Transformer 960W Motorbike-like Scooter

The Splach-Transformer is a perfect electric ride for those who have always wanted the best of both worlds without the need for a lot of space and without breaking the bank.

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Speaking of which, Splach-Transformer is having a pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo where you can pre-order one for US$1,099 or more.

Splach-Transformer 960W Motorbike-like Scooter
Splach-Transformer 960W Motorbike-like Scooter

Images: Splach Bike.

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