Marvel Studios’ Eternals Final Trailer

Just months after dropping the teaser trailer, Marvel has shared the final trailer of Eternals. And oh, did it has quite some spoilers! So, spoilers-hater, you can turn around now and enjoy the abundance of Marvel-related topics and entertainment stuff we have here.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals Final Trailer

However, if you are cool with spoilers, well then, please do continue reading. I promise it will be quite a treat, even it is just a two-minute plus trailer. Anyways, here goes…

The Eternals is an immortal alien race who arrived on Earth 7,000 years with then mission to protect humans from supervillains known as Deviants.

At this point, it is worthy to note that if MCU’s version is consistent with the comics’, both Eternals and Deviants were the creations of powerful extraterrestrial cosmic beings known as Celestials. MCU fans may recall that Celestials were first seen in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals Final Trailer

The story is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame and features some pretty crazy monsters. The trailer also revealed why Eternals did not step in to stop Thanos.

As it turns out, Eternals are supposed to stay out of humans’ conflicts unless, you guessed it, Deviants were involved. Like, seriously? No justice here, I supposed, huh?

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It is not clear who set the rule at this point, but in the trailer, this major reveal was cut to a scene of an enormous red Celestial. So I supposed it was the Celestials who had set the rule?

Anyhoo, we shall leave the deciphering of the rest of the final trailer to you which you can find embedded below.

The Eternals will arrive at the theaters on November 05, 2021.

Images: YouTube (Marvel Entertainment).