tearing up the snow terrains: Mattracks Powerboard

Mattracks Powerboard 544px
Mattracks Powerboard | US$2,500 | www.mattrackspowerboards.com

if tearing up terrains is what you like to do and DTV Shredder is too military to your liking than take a look at the Mattracks Powerboard. conceptually similar to the DTV Shredder but the Mattracks Powerboard is designed for snow terrain only. powering the powerboard is a mid-mounted 6.5hp 200CC 4-stroke gas motor, delivering up to a top speed of 29Km/h via its solid one piece rubber track.
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this could be a potential new sport, just like the good old skateboards and BMX bikes. steering of the powerboard is thru weight-shifting – just what your will do for a skateboard and a snowboard. throttle control and on/off switch is on the adjustable T-bar handle and it feature a tethered safety cut off switch in case the rider falls off the powerboard, eliminating the risk of a runaway powerboard.

the powerboard is constructed mainly of aluminum and molded high density plastic for durability and it weighs in at 150 lbs (68 kg). looking at the photos, i thought the powerboard looks rather ‘industrial’. don’t you think so?

Mattracks Powerboard 544px
Mattracks Powerboard 544px
Mattracks Powerboard 544px
(photo credit: mattrackspowerboards.com)

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