A phone case protects the phone from knocks and bumps. Some even protects it from drops, but TBH, no amount of drop and shock protection is going to save your phone if it takes a dive into the abyss. This is where Koala Super-Grip Phone Harness comes in.

Koala Super-Grip Phone Harness is much like the safety harness for rock climbing or construction with safety cord and shock absorber, but designed from the ground up for your precious smartphone.

Koala Super-Grip Phone Harness

Koala Super-Grip Phone Harness has two parts to it. An elastic harness that hugs your device and a coil cord tether of heavy duty urethane that can hold up to 45 lbs (20 kg) and stretch up to 4 feet (1.2 m), perfect for selfies.

One end of the tether is attached to the elastic harness and the other, it a 5-tooth polycarbonate HD clasps for securing to just about anything and even more clever is, this clasp holds tighter the more you tug it.

The harness has an ingenious design that hugs the phone, with or without case, while not blocking the cameras. However, the harness will be intruding the display somewhat, but that is one sacrifice we are willing to make for not having the phone sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

If you are enamored by Koala Super-Grip Phone Harness, you can secure yourself one for November 2019 delivery by pre-ordering it on Indiegogo for just $14. $14! But like any crowdfunding campaign, it does have its risks. Then again, considering this not an electronic or any high-tech, it should be quite safe that it will be fulfilled. Should.

Images: Hangtime.

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