“Lifting A Truck With Drones” is not a click bait title. At least, it is not as far as a video posted by Swedish commercial vehicle maker Scania is concerned. If you ask me, I’d say it is not real.

Mind you. It was a semi complete with trailer in tow that we are talking about. Even if it did, no sane company would hoist a behemoth like this into the sky and across a city which the video depicted.

Anywho, as shown in the video, a Scania truck was lifted into the air by thousands of drones, traveled across the city and eventually “landed” on a airport runway.

Scania Truck Lifted by Drones

Subsequently, the Swedish commercial vehicle maker declared that “we’ve all got big ideas about the future, not all of them are going to fly.”

The premise is simple. Not everything futuristic about land-based transportation is about flying. Unfortunately, there isn’t going to be a flying truck. However, the future with regards to commercial vehicles, which Scania specializes in, would be autonomous and possibly, electric, truck.

But that’s not the point. The point is, Scania is reinforcing its mission to create the future of commercial vehicle as it has proven with its futuristic Scania AXL Autonomous Truck Concept.

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Continue reading to watch the said video.

Images: YouTube (Scania Group).

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