Proposed LEGO Ideas Godzilla by MattE720

There have not been many Godzilla LEGO Ideas submissions, let alone a set to achieve the 10,000 supporters required to be reviewed by the LEGO panel. This proposed LEGO Ideas Godzilla by LEGO Ideas member MattE720 aka Matthew Esposito is one such success story and possibly the only Godzilla set to achieve 10,000 votes, and perhaps deserving so. I mean, just look at this thing, how does it not deserve the 10,000 supporters? I think it totally does.

Proposed LEGO Ideas Godzilla by MattE720

Matthew’s LEGO Godzilla is possibly one of the most accurate representations of the modern-day Godzilla we have seen thus far after that insane 4,000-piece monstrosity we saw in 2019. However, as much as we are thrilled by this set, we have little to no details.

All we know is that MattE720 based his design on Godzilla movies from recent years, including Godzilla, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Godzilla vs. Kong. There is no piece count, neither was the size made known. However, in an Instagram post, we can see that MattE720’s LEGO Gojira towers slightly over the official LEGO Bowser.

Proposed LEGO Ideas Godzilla by MattE720

Now all Godzilla fans have to do is so set back and keep their fingers crossed that this proposed LEGO Ideas set gets the nod of approval from LEGO. Meanwhile, there are more images over on Matthew’s Instagram page for your enjoyment.

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Images: LEGO Ideas (MattE720).

via Brick Fanatics.