Custom Toilet Gaming PC by Basically Homeless

As impressive as some custom PC builds were, most of them are not radical like, say, the aquarium PC. Well, that’s until recently when the YouTube channel Basically Homeless did the unimaginable: turning a toilet tank into a functional gaming PC while retaining its ability to flush. While the toilet remains totally functional, how well it can flush now that it has only half of the water capacity is unknown.

Custom Toilet Gaming PC by Basically Homeless

For this build, Basically Homeless procured a new toilet tank – the biggest he can find – and put it under the knife. A window was created to allow the internals to be seen and a square opening was made on the lid to fit the exhaust fan. Inside, the flushing has to be relocated to one side of the tank while plexiglass was added to separate the wet area (tank’s reservoir) and the dry area (the PC components).

Finally, lights were added to spruce up the setup. Completing the setup was a wall-mounted self for the mouse mat and mouse, and a gaming monitor on the same wall. Not the best idea to have a PC in a bathroom, let alone have electronics components within the same space as a reservoir of water but it was a fun build that lets Basically Homeless get a game of CS while dropping the kids off at the pool. Wait. I am curious. Will his teammates hear the splash when Mr. Hankey hit the water?

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Images: Basically Homeless via Micro Center.

via Technabob.