Ideally, our ears need no cleaning. But if you are like me, who sometimes wear in-ear headphones, you may be compelled to clean your ears. The thing is, cotton swab or Q-tips may not be the best tool as it tends to push the ear wax further into the ear. Using ear pick is more effective, but not without risks.

Bebird Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Rod

Enters Bebird Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Rod aka Bebird Otoscope Ear Cleaner aka Bebird X17 Pro. Bebird Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Rod addresses two key issues with current ear cleaning practice: in effective and/or dangerous process, and cleaning by feel.

Addressing effectiveness and eliminating the risk is a soft silica gel ear spoon that is gentle on delicate ears and a 1080p camera, aided by a ‘cold’ LED light, makes ‘blind cleaning’ a thing of the past.

Yes. You head that right, folks. You can now see the inside of your ears in real-time, so you can clean where needs to be clean. Like, how awesome is that?

Bebird Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Rod

Armed with three million pixels and 31.6 mm lens, you will be able to groom your sound holes with live video of the inside of your ears streamed to your smartphone.

That’s not it. Bebird proposed that it can be used to explore the miniature world, but seriously, I wouldn’t do that because, it is a matter of hygiene. You get what mean?

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Anywho… the device further touts a sleek, all-aluminum construction with anti-slip design, built-in 6-axis smart gyroscope (yup, it has that too) overextending and hurting the eardrums, controlled temperature so that it won’t burn your ear canal, and a 350 mAh battery that offers 1.5 hours of use on a single charge.

Bebird Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Rod

If you have been surfing Xiaomi Youpin, you may have seen Bebird. Apparently, Bebird X17 Pro is the newest model from the Chinese company. But the good thing is, you don’t need to be in China to secure one.

Bebird X17 Pro is having a pre-sale on Indiegogo for just 613 Hong Kong dollars, or about US$79. But you may want to hurry if you one one because, the campaign will end in a day or so. Keep going to find the pitch video to learn more.

Images: Indiegogo (Bebird).

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