Fans collect toys, models and such. But true hardcore fans collect movie props – specifically those that used to make the film itself, such as the 11-foot Nostromo Principal Filming Model from Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien.

1979 Alien 11-foot Nostromo Principal Filming Model

This is the real-deal, folks. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation’s USCSS Nostromo. Originally produced by Bray Studios, this tug-ship was one of the three made and the biggest of the three.

This 11-foot Nostromo Principal Filming Model was the used for the majority of the shots. The other two being a 4-foot model was used for rear shots showing the illuminating engines and 12-inch model was used in the scene where it was towing the flat ore refinery platform.

Man, I didn’t even remember it had that scene. I guess it is time to re-watched the iconic sci-fi horror flick.

1979 Alien 11-foot Nostromo Principal Filming Model

Anyways, back to the 11-foot model. It was made mostly out of wood paneling and hand-carved wood over a steel frame, and clad in plastic surface panels and detailing. It was the original model, but I’d be lying to say it was in its original state.

It is not. It has been restored, twice, I think because, while in storage, elements have taken the toll on the model. It is in a respectable and very collectable condition now anyways. That is all that matters. Also, it was a ‘cast’ of the movie.

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Now, for the good news for very rich collectors. The 1979 Alien 11-foot Nostromo Principal Filming Model is on the block on Prop Store. So far, it is still available. Prop Store estimated that it can fetch between US$300,000 and US$500,000.

So, if you have the financial muscle to flex, why not give it shot. Also, I assuming you have huge-ass house or a museum of some sort to park this big fellow.

1979 Alien 11-foot Nostromo Principal Filming Model

Images: Prop Store.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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