This may be an old news. A very, very old news, or 11 year old news to be precise. But in case you haven’t heard, there was once a teabag embellished with 280 diamonds. You know, the precious stones that are rumored to swoon any woman over? Yeah, those diamonds and on a teabag.

Never mind if some tea actually costs hundreds of dollars because, this one-off teabag from tea producer, PG Tips, created by Boodles jewelers for the brand’s 75th anniversary was worth a princely sum of £7,500 backed in 2009. Adjusted for inflation, that’s 10,126.72 quid today, or about a cool US$13,435 (today).

The teabag was subsequently sold for the benefit of a children’s charity in Manchester, England.

Anywho, while the teabag did not have diamond inside the bag, it was filled with Silver Tips Imperial Tea inside, which is also pretty up there in terms of tea-exquisiteness. So, if you don’t know, now you know.

You are probably not going to find another teabag this luxurious, but you surely can fill you favorite tea leaves that cost a couple of dollars in a quirky and novel tea infuser like the Poop Tea Infuser we featured earlier.

Images: PG Tips.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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