Gaming and driving are like drinking and driving. They do not mix. That is precisely why the notion of in-game gaming is preposterous and only available in aftermarket mods. Well, that was until Tesla brought gaming to its EVs. And now, BMW has announced that it will be doing the same – letting you play games right from the BMW Curved Display on the console.

BMW x AirConsole In-car Gaming 2023

But the difference with BMW’s in-car gaming is that it does not require you to use the actual steering wheel. Control is via the user’s smartphone. BMW has partnered with the gaming platform AirConsole to bring its games to BMW automobiles. The games will run directly inside the vehicle entertainment, delivered over the air.

Currently, users can play games on AirConsole on PC, Android TV, Google TV, as well as Amazon Fire TV. Soon, the list will grow to include BMW cars. AirConsole is a subscription game platform that’s much like Apple Arcade. It has a selection of games, though not as large a catalog as Apple’s.

BMW x AirConsole In-car Gaming 2023

BMW is expecting AirConsole to be available in its vehicles in 2023.

Images: BMW.

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