Renowned streetwear designer Daniel Patrick has teamed up with Nissan to reveal a limited line of high-performance sleepwear, aptly named, “Fast Asleep.” I cannot say if insomniacs will enter Lalaland as fast as Nissan’s performance cars, but the collection sure does look sleek for sleepwear, even if it’s mostly for apparel that will not be seen by others most of the time.

Nissan x Daniel Patrick NISMO-inspired Sleepwear

Inspired by Nissan’s NISMO division, particularly the 2024 Nissan Z NISMO, the Fast Asleep capsule collection mirrors the car’s sleek design and track-focused elements. Patrick aimed to infuse comfort and premium quality using signature materials that pay homage to beloved NISMO features.

This exclusive line comprises pajamas and a matching robe, featuring NISMO-inspired colors, red accents reminiscent of the Z NISMO LED taillights, and a red waist drawstring echoing the car’s iconic red stripe. Thoughtfully placed vents ensure airflow, mirroring sports car functionality, while breathable materials aim to regulate temperature for optimal sleep.

Nissan x Daniel Patrick NISMO-inspired Sleepwear

The collaboration draws from sleep expert Dr. Matthew Walker’s research, emphasizing the vital link between quality rest and driving performance. Walker underscores that improved sleep patterns, including maintaining an appropriate body temperature, can significantly enhance a driver’s physical and cognitive abilities.

In essence, this unique collaboration merges high-performance car design and sleep science, offering enthusiasts a chance to experience exclusive sleepwear engineered for better rest and enhanced performance.

Nissan x Daniel Patrick NISMO-inspired Sleepwear

With only 50 pieces available per item, the Fast Asleep collection is only accessible via The pajama set is priced at $250, while the robe comes in at $175, excluding sales tax and shipping.

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Images: Nissan [US].

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