You Must Be A Serial Phone Skin Changer To Be Wanting This Skin Installation Assistant

Screen protector is not easy to install, especially those film-type screen protector. Phone skin is equally challenging to install, but does the challenge of installing phone skin/wrap justify the need for a $25 accessory?

Slickwraps Want To Give Your iPhone 11 The Retro Look With These Phone Wraps

Slowness in response and shipping asides, I am still amazed by the quality of Slickwraps phone wraps. We are not here to review the company’s working culture, however; we are here because, Slickwraps have some pretty sick, retro phone wraps for the new iPhones.

Slickwraps Matrix Skin For Huawei P20 Pro: Best Skin Thus Far [Review]

It always started out the same with any new phone. First, I would settle with regular cases which, every once in a while, I will remove to marvel at the design and slimness. Eventually, it will come to a point that I said to myself, “enough of the case already. I want it slim again!” …