I have been holding out in writing about this. We have seen several reports that the rumored LEGO Up House set “has been officially revealed”. Well, it may not be the case. It was listed on German toy retailer JB Spielwaren’s website but it has since been removed.

LEGO Up House (43217) Set Leaked

This could mean that the retailer may have been asked to take it down. But all is too late because we already have a good look at the set based on Pixar’s popular animated film, Up, albeit there aren’t a lot of details.

But we do know that the LEGO Up House (43217) is a 598-piece set, and from the images, we know the set lets you recreate old man Carl’s matrimonial home, including part of the front lawn with a section of the fence, the mailbox, and helium gas tank for filling up the balloons.

LEGO Up House (43217) Set Leaked

Up on the roof, there is a bunch of balloons. Yeah, yeah. I know. There aren’t enough balloons in this model that would look like it would lift the adorable home into the sky but as noted that it has a helium tank and some balloons on the lawn, so it is safe to assume that Carl is working to fill the balloons. In other words, the house is still in its grounded state.

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The model has an open back revealing a very detailed interior and the set is complemented with two minifigures: Carl and overzealous scout kid Russell in his scout attire filled with a collection of achievement badges. Also, included with the set are Doug, Carl’s trusty dog, and ermmm, a squirrel?

LEGO Up House (43217) Set Leaked

The LEGO ‘Up’ House (43217) Set is part of the Disney 100 sets that we will be seeing this year. It is scheduled to drop in April 2023, though exactly when and for how much, we’d have to wait for the official announcement.

[UPDATE March 05, 2023, 7:47 AM PT] The LEGO ‘Up‘ House (43217) is now officially listed on LEGO.com. It is confirmed that the set will drop on April 01, 2023, with an asking price of US$59.99. Recommended for ages 9 and up.

LEGO Up House (43217) Set Leaked
LEGO Up House (43217) Set Leaked

Images: LEGO/JB Spielwaren.

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