can’t get enough of odd time telling devices? here’s another new stuff from TokyoFlash, dubbed the Kisai Neutron Motion Sensor LED Watch, to add to your collection. honestly, you can’t really tell that it is something that tells time if not for the fact that it does bear the familiar watch form. behind the grill-like design is where the time and date will display – digit by digit, to tell you either the time or date, depending on which button you press. you can choose to activate the time telling (available in 12- and 24-hour format) by pressing the button, or thanks to its built-in motion sensor, with a flick of the wrist (no doubt our favorite route), or you could choose to had it permanently on. a nice touch would be its ability to choose between fade out or scrolling digits and also the option to choose how the date should be displayed (DD:MM or MM:DD format, also digit by digit).

other features include a built-in USB rechargeable battery, a hard plastic and stainless steel case, and an adjustable stainless steel strap. the hardware itself is available in three colorways: black, gold, and gunmetal, while the LED comes in a choice of Blue, Red, and White. so you have a quite a combo (eight, to be exact) to choose from to suit your personal taste. the Kisai Neutron Motion Sensor LED Watch can be yours for $139 a piece – if you order in the next 27 hours. see the watch in action in the embedded video below.

TokyoFlash via Engadget

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