LED and Nixie Ramos Alarm Clock

Ramos Alarm Clock
Ramos Alarm Clock | from US$160.00 | www.paulsammut.com

alarm clocks that are designed to coax you out of your bed are wide and varied but none has tried making you walk up to 50-feet just to shut the alarm up – until now. meet the Ramos Alarm Clock, a beautiful crafted alarm clock that attempts to get you off your cosy bed by making you making a trip to a Defuse Panel to turn off the alarm clock. the Defuse Panel is wireless and can be placed up to 50 feet away anywhere in your house. so in essence, the Ramos makes you leave your lovely bed, walk and stimulate your brain by entering the a code that is generated each time the alarm sounds. the Ramos Alarm Clock is available as the base model LED Ramos, or the slightly funky Nixie Ramos, which uses tested new-old-stock Soviet Union nixie tubes that gives a beautiful warm glowing digits amidst a green back light. the Ramos Alarm Clock is available through Kickstarter for $160 for the birch LED version, while the Nixie model will set you back at $350.

Kickstarter via PCWorld

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