I would love to tell you all the lovely things about the Matchbox Nissan Z Proto Die-cast Car that when on sale last week. But I am afraid, the nicer I paint the picture to be, it is just going to make you feel even more painful knowing that it has already sold out.

Matchbox Nissan Z Proto Die-cast Car

TBH, I am not liking how Mattel is creating a demand in the market by limiting its quantity. While increasing the value of the product, Mattel has also inadvertently bred a lot of scalpers and this results in genuine collectors having to pay more for what they desire.

But Mattel is nice enough to include a “sign up for email updates” on its sold-out page so that you won’t miss another the next time. Like I haven’t already done, Mattel. I have been on the list for the longest time but thanks in part to Google, Gmail has decided that this kind of email totally belongs to the Promo tab and sent them straight to it.

Matchbox Nissan Z Proto Die-cast Car

Who the hell digs through the promo tab when it is already full of unsolicited deals news? Oh, wait. I do sometimes. But this time I didn’t, until it was too late. OK. I guess it was my fault.

Occasionally, there are a few runaways that ended up in the primary inbox which I managed to pick up. I know. I know. I can choose to disable the Promo tab altogether but it does have its use. Ugh. I have since manually dragged the email to the inbox so I can see the emails when they arrive at a glance.

Matchbox Nissan Z Proto Die-cast Car

Anywho, that’s the sad story of how I missed telling you guys about this one before it was gone. I promised to be more vigilant next time – in case your emails from Mattel also went into the Promo box.

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Anyhoo, it is not hard to see why the Matchbox Nissan Z Proto Die-cast Car was sold out so quickly. It features a metalized chrome chartreuse color scheme with authentic decals, opening doors, True Grip wheels, and a black interior. And would you check those lovely wheels!

Matchbox Nissan Z Proto Die-cast Car

Not going to lie. I loved it even though I am not a fan of Renault-era Nissan sports cars. Sweetening the deal is an oversized acrylic case with a terrain-molded base and a plinth of a blurred street that offers a sense of perpetual motion. Is it just me that the theme song from Tokyo Drift starts playing back in my head while looking at this?

Just look at the thing. How can anyone say no to it? For the curious minds, the Matchbox Nissan Z Proto was sold at US$25 apiece.

Matchbox Nissan Z Proto Die-cast Car

Images: Mattel.

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